The cold weather doesn’t stop just because your furnace does. When the heater in your home breaks down, you need a company you can trust to fix the problem quickly and affordably.  The dedicated team at Crescenze Cooling & Heating has been servicing Massillon and surrounding communities for over 20 years. When we come to repair your furnace, our team is mindful of your home and time. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and expert heating repair. Our commitment to quality and efficient repairs, parts, and systems means that your heating system will operate efficiently for years to come!


If you’re experiencing furnace troubles, believe it or not, the majority of issues are caused by a just a few problem areas.

1. Clogged Air Filter

A clogged air filter can be a contributing factor to so many furnace issues.  It can cause reduced airflow,  spikes in energy usage as well as a total system shut down. Make sure you change your furnace filter every 2-3 months for greatest system efficiency and reliability.

2. Tripped Circuit Breaker

We see it all of the time, a customer calls in to schedule a repair for a furnace that has stopped turning on.  Before you make a call to a service professional, check your circuit breakers.  Another quick check that you can perform is making sure the shut off switch (located near your furnace), is turned on.  Sometimes these switches get turned off inadvertently.

3. Blower Belt or Motor

If your furnace is making a high pitched sound, it’s likely an issue with your blower belt or blower motor.  Either one of these problems can cause your furnace to malfunction, but can also be prevented with routine furnace cleanings & maintenance.

4.  Thermostat Settings

Always double check your thermostat settings when your furnace appears to be non-operational.  This is more common with programmable thermostats because you might have set up a program and forgotten about it when the seasons change. A helpful hint is to make sure the temperature setting and that the thermostat is set to heat, rather than “air” or “off.”

5. Ignition System Failure

Modern day furnaces no longer use a standing pilot light. Instead they use either intermittent pilot or hot surface ignition to start the furnace.  The ignition itself can fail over time, causing the furnace to not start.  It’s also possible that a safety switch, circuit board or other malfunctioning part may fail, keeping the ignition system from operating properly.

6. Dirty Burner

Your furnaces burner is responsible for warming the air when the thermostat calls for heat.  If the furnace fires up, but the air isn’t warm – it’s likely a problem with your burner.


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